Lecture on Every 2nd and Last Saturday - Current Topic - Interest System (Sood) in Islam

A series of Lectures/Speeches have been started to easily understand Islamic Ideology of Life through Islamic Principles and Criteria, and traditional values of mental, moral, social, and socioeconomic aspects of life. Mufti Hafiz-o-Qari Janab SharfUddin Qadri Razvi Sahab is conducting lectures on current crucial issues. Schedule for the Lectures (InShaAllah) (Gregorian Calendar) Every Second and Last Saturday of each Month Timing During Winter: at 8:00 Sharp after Namaz-e-Isha During Summer: after Namaz-e-Maghrib Venue M.I.L.A.D Foundation Center (Brookfield) 12420 Birch Drive, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53226 Following the Lecture - Q/A Session and Tabarruk/Dinner

MILAD Foundation Center

12420 Birch Drive, Brookfield. Please visit us at the Center and enjoy our Monthly Events, Special Days' Ceremonies, Religious Anniversaries, Tabarruk (Food), Educational and Academic Lectures of Spirituality and Religion, All Under the Islamic Scholar MUFTI SHARFFUDDIN QADRI RAZVI!

Eid-Ul-Adha Mubarak!

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Welcome Mufti Sharf Uddin Qadri Razvi as our Imam!

With joyous and humble hearts, open arms, and great respect, the members of M.I.L.A.D Foundation and community of Ahl-e-Sunnat Wa Jama`at, welcome very honorable, Hafiz, Qari, Aalim-o-Fazil Mufti Sharf Uddin Qadri Razvi as our Imam in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Aalim (Bachelor’s) & Fazil (Master’s) Degree – Jamia Ashrafia - Mubarakpur, India

Before Joining Us Mufti Sharf Uddin Qadri Razvi, as an Imam, was responsible for

Khade Mool Islam Society, Al Quadri Masjid – Mauritius

Al Madinah Uloom Islamiyah Academy – California, USA


Come Visit our New Office! 12420, Birch Drive, Brookfield, WI - 53005